7 Life Hacks For a Smoother PCS

7 Life Hacks For A Smoother PCS with AHRN.comEvery PCS we learn something new: a tip or trick, a simple strategy or a tool that makes the bumpy road just a little smoother. We’ve put together a short list of our favorite PCS life hacks for your next move.

1. Keep a small, clear container with you (if possible- not applicable to OCONUS moves) with things you will need immediately like box cutters, trash bags and toilet paper.

2. Clearly mark what room boxes will go in with duct tape. If you aren’t sure of the layout of your new home, mark the owner or general section.

3. Place an extra cotton pad or ball into powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking.

4. Stock up on sandwich and freezer bags for a master hardware bag, to organize and label electronics cords and small hardware pieces. Keep a permanent marker in the freezer bag box to make labeling simple!

5. Take a photo of the back of your TV, modems or other electronic equipment before dis-assembly so you have a reference when you hook it back up.

6. Prep kids’ closets by grouping clothes in a trash bag – but be sure to adhere a bright label so you don’t get them mixed up on trash day!

7. Clean out the freezer with a going away party. Get together with friends and use up the things that might otherwise go to waste. For the adventurous, add some more fun with a “chopped” style cooking contest featuring odd combinations of perishables.

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What are your go to tips and tricks for a smoother PCS?

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