Military Real Estate Partner Resources

Welcome to the AHRN Military Real Estate Partner resource center. As a certified military real estate agent you understand the immediate housing needs of our military members. Often military members receive their orders and have roughly three months to relocate, making this process rather immediate. That being said, in order to best support you, our certified military real estate agents, we have provided you with some excellent resources to keep you up to date with current trends and to overall give you the necessary tools to help you succeed.

Marketing Real Estate To

For real estate professionals in a military community, an effective strategy for marketing real estate to the millennial demographic, which makes up the active duty population, requires a distinct shift!

Why Real Estate Pros Need To Be On Social Media

Between social media, tenants preferring to communicate by text, and constantly evolving website needs, you might be tempted to stick with the marketing system you know. But to attract the best tenants and clients, real estate pros need to be on social media to build trust and maximize outreach.

3 Tips That Will Help Get Your Listing Noticed

With more and more homes for rent and for sale each day, it is imperative to make your listing stand out from the crowd. You want your property to be eye catching and distinguished so that it stands out from the competition.

Creating An Effective Listing

Most military members typically start their housing search online, meaning you have only a few seconds to attract their interest and entice them to look further instead of scrolling onto the next listing. Learn the best tips and tricks to creating an effective listing.

Your Listing Marketing Strategy For 2019

The overall 2019 housing market saw a booming growth in 2018 thanks to stronger wage growth and more millennial buyers jumping into home ownership. Keep up with emerging trends with your 2019 listing marketing strategy!


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