Changes Coming To POV Shipment

Arranging to ship your POV is one of the major components of an OCONUS PCS and it just became a little more difficult. Beginning May 1, the POV shipping program will experience several changes impacting service members and their families. has the new program breakdown.

Update: As PCS season has progressed, there have been numerous accounts of communication issues with International Auto Logistics, delayed auto deliveries, and difficulties making appointments. As more attention is being brought to the issue by the media, will be bringing you information and options. Check out the comments on this post for personal accounts of the issues facing service members utilizing IAL.

7/22/14 Update: A commenter below shared that he was able to get in touch with a live operator (and determine the location of his vehicle) by calling the IAL Corporate phone number 855.389.9499  and staying on the line without pressing any #’s.

Closures and relocations, new websites and shifting contractors- all changes happening in the Department of Defense’s POV (privately owned vehicle) shipping program beginning May 30th. What does this mean for service members looking at a 2014 OCONUS move? Potentially, longer wait times and fewer processing options according the American Forces Press Service article announcing the changes.

A new website

The DOD rolled out a new website to help service members manage the movement of their vehicles at The site offers information and tips for the turn in and shipping process. Additionally, vehicle owners can log in with their orders number or transportation confirmation number to track their vehicle shipment delivery, storage history or vehicle processing center appointment. The website is managed by International Auto Logistics, LLC – the new POV shipment contractor.  The website previously provided to track shipments – – will be available until American Auto Logistics has completed delivery of all vehicles they have processed.

A new contractor

While the shipment process itself will not change, there will be a new company at the helm as the POV shipment contract transfers from American Auto Logistics to International Auto Logistics (IAL). Beginning May 1, responsibility for new POV shipments will begin to transfer to IAL. As part of that process, some of AAL’s vehicle processing locations will be closed while others will continue to operate with a transfer of management to IAL.


One change that could have significant impact on service members is the closure of eight Vehicle Processing Centers (VPC) on April 30, 2014. Domestic VPCs slated for closure are New Orleans, LA; Edison, NJ; Orlando, FL; Oakland, CA. Additionally, several OCONUS locations are closing: Mannheim, GER; RAF Croughton, England; RAF Menwith Hill, England; Seville, Spain. All eight locations will continue to be staffed until August 1, 2014 to complete the delivery of vehicles already processed into the shipment program but will no longer accept new POVs. Many VPCS, especially overseas, will remain open but will be moving to a new location – suggesting that service members will need to ensure that they have up to date information regarding VPCs throughout the 2014 PCS season.

Available Options

Service members needing to arrange their POV shipment after April 30, 2014 should contact their transportation or personal property office with questions. Service members needing to make a processing appointment should call their nearest vehicle processing center. According to, the following list is accurate as of May 1, 2014.

The following addresses will be effective May 1 for stateside International Auto Logistics vehicle processing centers:

— Atlanta: 3025 Sylvian Road, Atlanta, GA 30354;
— Baltimore: 17079 Midway Road, Odenton, MD 21113;
— Charleston, S.C.: 3601 N. Meeting St., North Charleston, SC 29405;
— Dallas: 957 Heinz Way, Grand Prairie, TX 75051;
— Los Angeles: 14611 S. Broadway St, Gardena, CA 90248;
— Norfolk, Va.: 1215 Executive Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23320;
— Seattle, Wash.: 840 Industry Way, North Algona, WA 98001; 654 Milwaukee Ave N., Algona, WA 98001. Manager phone 206-707-1305, ASST MGR: 253-267-9708
— St. Louis: 13918 St. Charles Rock Rd, Bridgeton, MO 63044, and
— San Diego: 11433 Woodside Ave, Santee, CA 92071.

The following new overseas vehicle processing center addresses for receiving vehicles will be effective May 1:

— Anchorage, Alaska: 300 LaTouche Street, Anchorage, AK 99501;
— Fairbanks, Alaska: 5250 Airport Industrial Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709;
— Bahrain: Al Musaskar 940, East Riffa Industrial Area, Bahrain;
— Brandon, UK: Field Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7AL, UK;
— Aviano, Italy: Via dei Longobardi 49, 33080, San Quirino PN;
— San Juan, Puerto Rico: 45 Calle 1 Parque Indust., San Miguel, San Juan, PR 00936;
— Rota, Spain: Calle Dr. Pariente, 11500 El Puerto de Santa Maria, (Cadiz) Spain;
— Incirlik, Turkey: Yenimahalle 33 Sokak No. 31 TR-01340 Incirlik, Turkey, and
— Izmir, Turkey: Doganlar Mah. 1417 Sokak TR-35040 Bornova,Izmir, Turkey.

The following overseas VPCs will be vacated by American Auto Logistics April 30, and then closed for all but emergency drop-offs with International Auto Logistics May 1-2. The facilities will reopen May 5 for all vehicles.

To aid in the transition, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command urges customers to reduce traffic and provide the additional time needed for contractors to transition responsibilities:

— Chievres, Belgium: Chievres Air Base, Bldg. 46, Belgium 7950;
— Schinnen, Netherlands: 254th BSB Shinnen, Borgerweb 10, Bldg 27 RM 102, 6365 CW Schinnen;
— Baumholder, Germany: Gebaeude 8716, Raum 1-3 Smith Barracks AM Bahnof/Building 8716 55774 Baumholder, Germany;
— Boeblingen, Germany: Panzer Kaserne Bldg. 2931 71032 Boeblingen, Germany;
— Grafenwoehr, Germany: U.S. Grafenwoehr Base, 322 Shiloh Avenue, 92655 Grafenwoehr, Germany;
— Kaiserslautern, Germany: Kapaun Air Station Bldg. 2806 67661 Kaiserslautern, Germany;
— Schweinfurt, Germany: Conn Barracks Custer St., Bldg. 35 97421 Schweinfurt, Germany;
— Spangdahlem, Germany: Spangdahlem Air Base Bldg. 222, 54529 Spangdahlem, Germany;
— Wiesbaden, Germany: Mainz Kastel Housing Area Bldg. Wiesbadener Str. 78, 55252 Mainz Kastel, Germany;
— Livorno, Italy: Leghorn Army Depot, Gate 27 Bldg. 5138 Depot Via Aurelia Tombolo Pisa, 56128 Livorno, Italy;
— Naples, Italy: Naval Support Activity Bldg. 2081, Contrada Boscariello 81030, Gricignano di Aversa (CE), Naples, Italy;
— Sigonella, Italy: Basee Navale USA/NAS II Strada Statale 417, Catania-Gela 95030 Piano d’Arci/Sigonella (CT);
— Vicenza, Italy: Via Strada Della Pelose, Bldg. 928 Entrance 8, Torri Di Quartesolo, 36040 Vicenza, Italy;
— Guam: COMNAVMAR Naval Base Building 3179, Santa Rita, Guam 96915;
— Seoul, South Korea: Camp Kim, Building C1244-68 US Army Garrison Yongsan, Korea, APO, AP 96205-5333;
— Taegu, South Korea: 20th Support Group Bldg. 1415, Camp Henry, Korea APO, AP 96218-0562, and
— Honolulu: 1601 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819. isn’t the only one tracking issues with the new contractor – follow along on Facebook where we’ll share as more information comes available!


  1. 1

    Susan Pearson says

    The new Seattle VPC site listed above is incorrect. The actual address is 654 Milwaukee Ave N., Algona, WA 98001. Manager phone 206-707-1305, ASST MGR: 253-267-9708. ;))

    • 2

      Kristen says

      Thank you, Susan! Do you know if there is anywhere changes are being published as they happen?

    • 3

      Michelle says


      Thank you for giving a good POC. I’ve been trying to contact someone from that office and only getting corporate and they’ve been giving me the wrong information all along. I finally got a response that I needed 6 weeks after I had dropped off my vehicle at their office.

  2. 5

    william zenawick says

    The new IAL in Atlanta is off to a horrible start. I cant get ahold of anybody. The only thing I was able to do is get on the website and choose a in processing day but they are all full. I tried to call but no one answers. The only numbers I have are 18553899499 which transfers you to 14045938804 which no one answers. The voice mail box is full and you cant leave one. I wrote a email and no one is responding. They are six hours away so I cant go over there. Very disappointed, something needs to be done about this. Thank you government for saving money in all the wrong places.

  3. 6

    william zenawick says

    I just got ahold of corporate and they said they are trying to work the issue and walk ins are welcome 0800-1600. Why they don’t mention that on the website baffles me. In order to call corporate you have to call 8553899499 then the 6 prompt. Good luck.

    • 7

      Kristen says

      William – Thank you for following up with that information. We don’t have any affiliation with the IAL but I know that transporting vehicles overseas for OCONUS assignments is something that many of our users wrestle with. If you are transporting a vehicle due to a PCS, I’d strongly suggest that you report your experience via an ICE comment.

  4. 8

    Michael Spears says

    IAL claims that you can track your vehicle, but my vehicle has shown it has been on a truck from Atlanta to Santa Fe since May 30. So much for their TRAX software. Of course that was after sitting for 10 days in Atlanta before getting on the truck to nowhere. Nor does there tracking site let me check using my confirmation number as they claim, it only says your appt has passed. Of course there is no where on their website to complain. After a check with IAL itself, I was told my car had made it to Santa Fe and would be sent to LA for shipping. Wow, once again, so much for their tracking software which a few minutes ago shows it on a truck to Santa Fe. Not sure they will make their projected delivery date of 15 July. Not surprising since there performance is so low.

  5. 9

    Tisha says

    This new device is very bad and there is no link or number for complaints. I dropped off my vehicle on 14 May and it didn’t even leave the processing station until 30 May. I was supposed to have it by 28 June but here it is 7 July and the vehicle is still with customs. They send me an email saying I am authorized a rental due to the vehicle not being available on time but I have to pay upfront and the rental is only for 7 days. Needless to say I am so glad this will be my last time having to use them. Sometimes if it’s not broke thy shouldn’t try to fix it.

    • 10

      Kristen says

      Tisha – which location did you drop your vehicle off at and where are you picking up? We have no direct connection to the contractor responsible for auto transport but we might be able to help you get in touch with someone who can help.

      • 11

        Tisha says

        I dropped my car off at Chievres AB, Belgium and I am supposed to pick it up from the Norfolk VPC.

          • 13

            Tisha says

            Yes and they just keep telling me they haven’t received the vehicle. The website is showing it was delivered to the port on the 27th at least. I have tried to call claims concerning a rental and they don’t answer. Leave a message and they don’t call back and now the mailbox is full. Called customer service and again got an answering service.

  6. 14

    Dawnn Shelton says

    Shipped my son’s vehicle in late May, according to the IL website the vehicle arrived to Houston on May 30th… it was supposed to arrive in Germany by July 5th. . As of today, I am unable to contact anyone about the vehicle and the information on the website is out of date. Where is my son’s vehicle. .. no one knows.

  7. 16

    Omar says

    WOW, I though I was the only unlucky one but it seems it’s bad across the board!!!!!
    I have experienced all the difficulties mentioned in the above postings ( no answer, no phone number to call, and no updates on the website). Finally, they updated the website and for the last three weeks ago it shows my car has been sitting in Houston Port. My estimated delivery date is July 18th but I highly doubt I will see my car anytime soon.
    Is there a COR POC with DOD where claims can be sent?

    So much for a smooth PCS…

    • 17

      Kristen says

      Omar – I haven’t found a claim specific contact with DOD that goes around the contractor. I’ve reached out to the military community online and will update if I find something out.

      • 18

        Omar says

        Thank you Kristen. The lack of information is what frustrate me the most, I understand that picking up a new contract can be challenging at the beginning but not receiving timely updates is totally unacceptable.

  8. 22

    Kevin says

    I dropped my vehicle off on 14 May here in Guam for transport to Los Angeles. It sat at the port until 11 June and I am supposed to have an RDD of 10 July. It is now the 14th and they say the vehicle is there but don’t know if it is available for pick up. I dropped it off with the 67 day requirement as stated and they still don’t know when I can pick it up.

  9. 23

    OMAR says

    Contract number: HTC711-14-D-R025

    A quick internet search will lead you .gov websites with the full contract there.
    I found this section in the contract very interesting to everybody here: The contractor shall compensate customers in accordance with the Joint Federal Travel Regulation ( for lodging and rental car expenses incurred due to missed RDDs.

  10. 24

    Veronica says

    Complete morons jacked up my husbands paperwork for his car and nearly got it sent to Alaska instead of Hawaii. 4 errors on the paperwork. Dropped the car off 13 May finally able to pick up the car today, 15 July. The car was “lost” for three weeks. Oh and they don’t make appts to pick up the vehicles or even call/email you when it’s ready for pick up. He’s waiting now in a ridiculously long line.
    I used Pasha for my vehicle. Dropped it off the day before he did and got it in three weeks, they called AND emailed me for a pick up appt. It was seamless.

  11. 25


    Transcom and SDDC at Scott, AFB are the government agencies that awarded this contract to International auto Logistics. All of the VPC’s have a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) either on site or available by phone. If you have a problem picking up your vehicle, I would suggest that you ask to speak to the COR. I am appalled that our service members are being treated so poorly and that, with all of the complaints that have been lodged,nothing is being done about it.

    The spokes person for Rep. Kingston (R_GA) (where IAL is based) says that the “anecdotal complaints” against IAL are not enough to conclude that there is “a systemic problem”. That customer dissatisfaction doesn’t rise to that level and that it would have to be something more substantial before they raised a “fit”. What else has to happen. Cars are late, lost, or shipped to the wrong destination. Customer service is almost non exsistant.

    I would suggest that if you don’t or can’t get a satifactory answer, that you, too, get your Congressman involved.

  12. 31

    Andy Pessia says

    They were rude when I dropped the vehicle off in Honolulu, I’ve experienced all the same issues listed on this page. I dropped the car off June 12 with estimated delivery of July 14. Currently, the website has the car arrived to Los Angeles July 24…hmm as far as I know it is only the 18th now, in the upper left corner of the site it says awaiting clearance and inspection with a location listed as Los Angeles…the destination is Baltimore and it says so on my paperwork. Seriously, I have no freaking idea where the hell my vehicle is. This is one of the worst experiences I have ever gone through. No real updates, no contact info, what the hell? When I shipped a vehicle to Hawaii, Matson had no issues and I was able to track it accurately and it arrived 3 days earlier than expected. This new Horizon outfit is a horrible joke at our expense. I don’t even know what to do about this??

    • 32

      Kristen says

      Andy – I’m sorry that you’ve had such a frustrating component to your PCS! There have been a few suggestions in the comments of this post on people to contact. When you do find a solution, please let us know so we can share with others who are having similar issues.

  13. 33

    John Soto says

    I see there are a ton of folks as frustrated as I am with this shipping company. In my 31 years in the military, I have not encountered a more horrible shipping company than this current one (IAL). The website to track a vehicle is worthless and does not show any current information on where the vehicle is at. Worst yet, I had many problems just trying to access the system tracking area, only to find out when I did access it, that it was worthless. I have called a ton of times for over more than ten days and left a ton of messages, some obviously showing my frustration, and they never return calls. Why have a message that they will call you back when they intend to never do so. I finally got a call back after leaving tons of messages and basically got given an excuse that they were busy. My car is very late coming to Dallas from Korea and nobody at this company seems to care. I have used my 7 days rental car time with the U.S. Government reimbursing me so how do I go about renting a car that this company is supposed to pay for now when they won’t answer the phones or return my calls. I will report this up higher and hopefully many others will as well so come time when this contract expires, this company will not even be considered for the contract. If their excuse is they are busy then hire more people instead of trying to make more money for the higher echelon employees/CEOs at the expense of the military folks and their families.

    • 34

      Kristen says

      John – I’m sorry your PCS has been made so stressful! Another commented suggested contacting the Contract representative at DOD if you are unable to get answers: “Transcom and SDDC at Scott, AFB are the government agencies that awarded this contract to International auto Logistics. All of the VPC’s have a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) either on site or available by phone. If you have a problem picking up your vehicle, I would suggest that you ask to speak to the COR.” Please let us know when you get answers so we can share with others who are dealing with the same situation.

    • 35

      Jason Sickles says

      Hi John … I’m a Dallas-based national reporter for Yahoo News. Sorry to hear about your car woes. I may be doing a story about the problems service members like you are having. Can you email me at jsickles at yahoo-inc dot com so we can chat? Thanks for your time.

  14. 37

    John Callery says

    Kristen: I have to agree the service from IAL is not acceptable. Here is my info:
    a. 6 June 14: Dropped off Car at Wiesbaden Germany VPC. (RDD of 21 July Seattle WA).
    b. 9 June 14: Depart Bremerhaven, Germany (Port).
    c. 14 June 14: Arrive Norfolk, VA (Port).
    It is 22 July and no sign of my car.

    I will keep you updated,

  15. 38

    Aggie GEorge says

    I have had cars shipped using AAL and have never had so many problems as I am with IAL. First I dropped off my car June 25th a week before I was due to ship out just so I can have my car available at the new station and not have to pay car rental fee’s. 2 weeks into my car being shipped I received an email saying my POV was going to be late. I checked the and my car was still in Hawaii. The day it was to arrive 7/21 the website still stated my POV was in Hawaii. After calling over and over and over again Mr. Matthew Miller answered his phone. I let him know the situation and he transferred me to his voicemail. I hung up and called right back and he picked up the phone and hung up. So I found this site and called corporate (thank you for the number). They informed me my car was in LA and they will send over a email to have my car put on the truck so I can pick it up on Wednesday. This all happens on Monday, Tuesday I go on pcsmypov to find out that it was finally updated and my POV has been in LA since the 10th of July. So not only did they give me false info that my car was going to be late I have been paying for a rental car from the 6th to current (the 22nd) and my car has been just sitting there. I COULD HAVE PICKED UP MY CAR A LONG TIME AGO and not be stuck with these outrageous rental fees. I again could not get a hold of Mr. Miller or corporate when pressing 2 for customer service. I left voicemails and emailed Mr. Miller and customer service. Finally I called corporate and didn’t press #2 and the operator answered and informed me the car is ready to be picked up she apologized for not getting any emails or calls letting me know this however stated because they are in Georgia she cannot be for sure the car is ready. She did say that once I am there they cannot turn me away. We will see tomorrow. Then I will go further into what the breakdown occurred and see what can be done to fix the issue. Oh and I know my odometer reading so it better not have any extra miles on it.
    Coprate # just in case for future complaints 855.389.9499 do not press any #’s

    • 39

      Kristen says

      I’m sorry it’s been such a roller coaster for you, but glad that the information we published was helpful. Thank you for sharing a way to get in touch with someone as I know that has been a consistent complaint of our users.

  16. 40

    Omar says

    What else could go wrong with this contractor, do they have any idea how much headache this is causing to the troops and their families!!!!!!

  17. 41

    Danny says

    It pains me so much to read these comments and others I’ve read on other social media sites like FB (yes, IAL has facebook pages). I have worked for AAL for the past 10 years in the storage branch of our company. It has always been an honor to provide a service to the members of our military. We (AAL) always took great pride in our jobs and fully appreciated the trust our service members placed in us. In fact, many vehicles left us in better condition than when they arrived. I moved through varying positions to finally reach the position of regional manager for our storage sites in the southeast. It was revolting when we had to relinquish care of the POVs in our care to the new contractor. It now makes me sad to see an empty warehouse outside my office door and hear the horrible treatment being reported by service members. The best thing you can do is complain and relate your stories anywhere you can. Take it to your senators, your congressmen, SDDC, Transcom. It my dearest hope we will be able to provide our services again one day.

  18. 42

    omar says

    I am being told that our car is held up at the customs in Houston port, is anybody else getting the same response? Did anybody get his from Houston?

      • 44

        OMAR says

        Customs hold is what I am being told. Again, it looks like I am not the only one waiting IAL to clear vehicles at Houston port.

    • 45


      I have also been told that my jeep is being held in Houston for customs, that began a week ago. Previous to my making contact with a person at IAL, their website stated my vehicle was being prepped for ocean voyage on 21 July. Suddenly the information on the site changed placing my vehicle leaving Bremerhaven on 9 June, 4 days prior to my dropping it off. I suspect my vehicle is lost and they are covering their 4th point of contact. I have attempted contacting SDDC but have not reached anyone yet.

      I have also requested all shipping records, bills of ladening and proof of where it is to provide as documentation for my building complaint. Anyone who reads this, ensure you file your inconvience claims to at least provide some sort of financial penalty. I am trying to make them pay for my temporary lodging, and I will get the rental car just to ensure they are paying something.

      As a logistician in the Army, moving whole companies of equipment to support exercises I fail to see how any competent company could have such abysmal results. This company needs to pay for not only the increased costs related to their negligence, but the pain and suffering caused to families by disrupting their leave, interfering with an already difficult transition, and for many like myself, essentially taking away a whole summer.

      This is beyond unacceptable it is criminal.

  19. 47

    Melissa says

    Has anyone who originally stored a car with AAL had IAL come through? We are in Japan and were never notified the contract had changed. We left our POV in New Orleans 3 years ago and now nobody can find it or return calls. You can’t call yourself an “International” anything if you don’t have 24/7 customer care for your OVERSEAS customers. Growing weary of staying up late, husband sleeping on the couch near our VOIP in case someone decides to do their job and call us back at 3am our time. Nothing but dead ends and empty words so far.

  20. 48

    Elizabeth says

    The new company has been disaster. We dropped our car off at the Atlanta VPC 5/15/14 to be shipped to the Dominican Republic. It sat there for almost 70 days till it was sent to Charleston and arrived there yesterday 7/24/14. Now they are beginning to fill out the required State Department paperwork for approval. There is no timeline on when is will even leave the country. Our Required Delivery Date (RDD) was 6/16/14- over 30 days ago. They wont answer their phones or respond to emails and have given us no assistance in this matter. IAL needs to be held accountable for the horrible service it is providing and all the undo stress they are placing on military families during an already stressful move.

  21. 49

    Benjamin says

    Hello, I dropped my vehicle off on 22 May 14 on Kapaun Air Base. My vehicle was supposed to be delivered on 4 July 14. Needless to say it is now 25 July 14 and I have yet to receive my vehicle. The IAL website says that my vehicle has been in Houston for the last three weeks waiting on transportation to ST. Louis. Very frustrating.

    • 50

      Kristen says

      That must be frustrating Benjamin! Where is being delivered to? Several commenters have suggested contacting the contractor representative at the phone number listed in the update at the top of the post.

  22. 51


    My RDD was on the 16 of June and it is now 25 July. My e-mails go unanswered, the voice mailboxes are full when I try to call so I can't even leave a message. The telephone is never answered. If someone wants to start a class action lawsuit put my name first on the list!

  23. 54

    Leslie says

    As if a PCS isn’t enough stress…..we have orders to leave Hawaii in early Oct. We were already planning to ship our car 3 weeks ahead and get a rental for that time. But now hearing all this, I’m not sure what to do. And due to the New Orleans VPC closing, it makes the ‘time estimating’ even more difficult.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate any help.

  24. 55

    Rochelle schiffman says

    We have been trying for two weeks to find out about our car. The website is completely messed up and has never been updated. Emails go unanswered and no one answers the phone at the Dallas VPC and at Corporate Customer Service. We tried calling the the 855 number and 6 and it not valid. If you don’t press any number it goes to the operator which is now the Customer Service department and surprise, no answer. Voice mails are never answered. If you call the claims department there is no answer and th voice mail box is full. This is ridiculous! We just want our car!

    • 56

      Kristen says

      Rochelle – I’m sorry to hear that. A previous commenter suggested trying 855.389.9499 and not pressing any #’s to reach someone

    • 57

      Omar says


      Email the SDDC, they are the government agency that awarded the contract and they will get somebody from the contractor to return your call. That’s the only way I was able to establish a line of communication with IAL. The email is:

      Good luck.

  25. 61

    Rochelle schiffman says

    As stated in my comment, we tried that. But thank you for the suggestion. :) When you do that it goes to the operator which now goes to customer service and no answer.

  26. 62

    Caroline Miller Stevenson says

    Anybody know how to get ahold of these people. Our car was suppose to be in STL no later than July 4. Cannot get ahold of anyone left messages and emails no response now all mailboxes are full. Our car has been sitting in Houston since the first week of June.

    • 63

      Kristen says

      Caroline – this seems to be the best way of making contact based on commenters’ responses: “Email the SDDC, they are the government agency that awarded the contract and they will get somebody from the contractor to return your call. That’s the only way I was able to establish a line of communication with IAL. The email is:

  27. 64

    Yesenia Pearson says

    Caroline, let me see if I can find an article on this. So many people have been having issues with this company. You know the lowest bidder always wins even if they're incapable of managing/handling the load.

  28. 65

    Brandi says

    This is a company I don’t want to ship with again. I called the Atlanta port to see if my truck was there and they told me they can’t find it anywhere in the system with using the name or shipping number. I have to drive 4 hrs to get my truck from Atlanta. I have kids who start school next week, a daughter who needs to start having some specific medical testing done and I have no vehicle to get them there. I have called every available number and everyone ignores calls, voicemail is full, I even called Oahu and no one answers. How am I suppose to track my vehicle when they don’t even update the tracking or answer the phone! I would rather pay out of pocket next time to ship through matson

    • 67


      I am a civilian and just PCSd to Germany. The car was dropped off in Dallas on June 6th. It was shipped to Houston where it sat till July 6th or so. It was then dropped off in Bremerhaven on july 13th and that is where it has been in an “POV Awaiting Clearance & Inspections” status since. Since I am a civilian I don’t get the 7 days of rental reimbursement from the DOD. I am relying on IAL, whom I spoke to and was told they would, for reimbursement. One of my coworkers who arrived after me, but had shipped their POV with the old contractor received their vehicle ahead of schedule. IAL claims that they are back logged with the old contractor’s shipments seem to be false in this case. It is sad that when I called they couldn’t tell me a timeframe of when I might get my car. They said, “If you are lucky, maybe in a few days”. I am not a logistics expert, but is seems that there are ways of calculating how long a car will take to get from point A to point B.

      Just another IAL disappointed customer.

  29. 68


    Does anyone have in writing that we can rent comparable size vehicle? he claims form says only standard or intermediate. Also, I am having my doubts that we will se a dime of reimbursement. Has anyone considered reporting our vehicles as stolen? I have not received correspondence nor can I reach anyone. For all I know my vehicle is long, long gone.

  30. 71

    Calvin says

    I thought that I was the only one with these issues. I shipped my vehicle on May 2nd from Charleston, my vehicle was sent to Georgia 2 weeks later, my rdd was July 26. It is now August 5th and i still haven’t received my vehicle. I was told that PSD will pay for the first 7 day and IAL will pay until i receive my vehicle. I am only stationed here for 12 months by the way its looking I will be getting back to the states before I even receive my vehicle. Three months and counting……….

  31. 72

    Anna Marie Pearson says

    These are the people to email and complain: ''. They are in charge of that contractor.

  32. 73

    Alan says

    Shipped my POV from Naples, Italy on 16 May with a RDD of 18 Jul in San Diego. As of today, 06 Aug, the last update to my vehicle was on 22 May. It was listed as both in Bremerhaven and Houston. I have contacted IAL, or more accurately, there call service center, twice and have been given the same response. They take my information and let me know that someone will be contacting me within 48 hours. When I ask to speak with an IAL representative, I am told they are not allowed to transfer our calls to IAL. I shipped my vehicle early so that It would be waiting for my family and I when we arrived in San Diego. Obviously, that will not be happening. I am now trying to get IAL to preauthorize a rental so that I do not have to attempt submitting a claim for reimbursement to them.

  33. 74

    John says

    I shipped my vehicle from Grafenwoehr Germany VPC on May 20. The date of scheduled arrival in Baltimore was for July 2. It’s now August 12 and it still has not arrived. We will have to drive 7 hours to pick it up when it does finally get here due to closures of pick up locations.

    This is beyond frustrating. When I have been able to talk with someone at IAL they inform me that US Customs has a hold on the batch of cargo my vehicle is with and that Customs does not need to give them a date of release or a reason for hold. ???? How do I even know that’s true?

    This has cost my family about $2,500.00 in rental car/deposits so far. Not to mention on top of my car payment I’m paying/vehicle insurance while my car is lost in the ocean somewhere.

  34. 75

    travis lindsey says

    my pov has been at LOS ANGELES (CO/CO) and also LOS ANGELES (PORT/HORIZION) for about 3 weeks and its suppouse to of been here at St Louis on the 9th-11th of august, and quess what i still dont have it!. my household goods got here faster then my car! that is pretty dam sad

      • 77

        travis says

        i didnt need one due to i paid out of my own pocket for my second car to be ship to oakland and i got that in 17 days

        • 78

          travis lindsey says

          so i finally got the call saying my POV is ready yesterday, so 46 days it took IAL when AAL years ago took 27 days. i kinda fell bad for this company and part of me doesn’t and the only reasons for that is the DOD say “ooo yeah you, the one bidding cheaply we take you!” which at the end pretty much screwed this company because they should of did a review of their systems and test runs not just thrown to the wolves AKA service members ha ha but! that is their fault and its the DODs fault for not testing them out first. all in all im stoke to finaly drive 2 hours to go get my truck and i feel for all the other people that have not got the their POVs yet…..oo and the tracker on the website still says the truck is in transit “load of shit”. so 46 days from Hawaii to Missouri.

  35. 79


    My car was dropped off in july and estimated to arrive on 31aug. It is now 10 sep and the tracking still shows "pov on ocean vessel." I've left multiple messages and no one calls back. It's starting to get cold in alaska and winter is coming. How long should I wait before reporting my vehicle lost/stolen??

  36. 83

    Rob LaPHAM says

    When is a vehicle considered lost?!? 30, 60, 90 days? My RDD was 5 AUGUST now here it is 22 September and still no vehicle, and no true information. This has gone beyond absurd.

  37. 86

    ashleigh says

    did any of you have to pay any money before/after your car was shipped from overseas to the states??

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