10 Year Celebration Giveaway

Congratulations to our Winners
June 6th Drawing –

  • Rachel E. won the MilitaryLuggage.com bags
  • Quinn T won the $250 gift card from AHRN.com
  • Christie T. won the grand AFVC Resort Vacation Certificate!

June 13th Drawing –

  • Jamie H. won the AFVC  Resort Vacation Certificate
  • Laudrey M. won the AHRN.com $250 gift card
  • Angie D. won the MilitaryLuggage.com bags!

June 20th Drawing – 

  • Sara M won the MilitaryLuggage.com bags
  • William Z won the AHRN.com $250 gift card
  • Erika J won the 7 day AFVC Vacation Resort Certificate

June 27th Drawing –

  • Laquisha R won the AHRN.com $250 gift card
  • David W won the 7 day AFVC Vacation Resort Certificate
  • Michael G won the $1,000 UShip.com credit
  • Jennifer S. won the MilitaryLuggage.com bags

Dates: This promotion began on June 2, 2014 and ended June 27, 2014.

A BIG HEARTY THANKS goes out to all our sponsors! This promotion was proudly presented by AHRN.com in conjunction with Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVClub.com), uShip.com and MilitaryLuggage.com.